Pau Yuen Tong is an old Chinese balm that helps a man to prevent early ejeculation and to last longer in bed.


Premature ejeculation (cumming to quickly)


Directions Complications

If you apply too much, it will not work. Proper use requires experimentation, so donít be discouraged if your 1st results arenít what you expected. If you use it too often, your body will develop tolerance to the product. (This happens to any medicine.) You must wait a few weeks and try again.


Natural ginseng, cloves, brandy, aloe wood, aromatic oils, petroleum jelly.


Weight : 5 grams
Dimensions: 3.4 cm * 3.5 cm * 1.4 cm

Balms, Pau yuen tong (Old Chinese delay balms)
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*2019-03-26 USA customs declined this product. We think the reason is Trumps sanctions against Chinese products.

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